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Gaius doodle by Arnumdrusk
Gaius doodle
Finally got around to playing shadow of the colossus, decided to make some quick fanart for it. Gaius is one of my favs
Trek Tarot - Justice by Arnumdrusk
Trek Tarot - Justice
Alright here’s the justice card! This card is pretty straightforward, it typically represents fair judgment, arbitration, careful examination with conscience, and literal legal proceedings (i.e. courts, paperwork, marriages, etc.). I felt that Odo was the most obvious character choice for this card because he’s a security officer who is basically the sheriff on DS9, he regularly has to arbitrate and oversee matters of the law and make judgment calls on what is just and what isn’t. But moreso that that Odo has a natural inclination towards order and has a strong sense of responsibility to uphold the law and his personal set of codes of right and wrong. 

Designing this card was interesting, deciding on expression for Odo was fun. I wanted the classic grouchy Odo face, but I also wanted him to seem not like a total jerk, someone who was a grouch but a fair grouch, ya know? Also, I really have to give a shoutout to the set designers on Star Trek (DS9 especially). I’m terrible at making backgrounds, especially on a project like this where the backgrounds are often more conceptual than literal. But in the case of this card Odo’s office provided enough visual interest to work in with the meaning of the card. Those green lights are very chaotic and loud but reigned in by the hard lines of Odo’s desk and the walls, which you know, plays in perfectly with Odo’s character. Just another thing that makes that show so great :)

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Trek Tarot - The Lovers by Arnumdrusk
Trek Tarot - The Lovers
Well as long as I’m at it I might as well wrap this one up too. The lovers card at surface value means exactly what you would think; a relationship, sexuality, and love. But the deeper meaning of The Lovers card is that of choice; an important decision, or a challenge to face. 

Out of all the Star Trek pairings to chose from, I felt that Sarek and Amanda would embody the spirit of this card the best. We don’t really get to see much of their relationship on screen, but the union of two disparate cultures and creating a child who is a household name (in both real life and the Star Trek canon I’m sure) feels symbolically relevant to this card. Also, the Vulcan IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) ties in with their choice to pursue/forge their bond. 

I had the hardest time with this card tbh, I wanted to make a younger Sarek and Amanda, but there’s a serious lack of reference photos for them, and I was avoiding using JJ trek if I could help it. Honestly I think they could read as just two people without being immediately recognizable, which is fine really. Then I was totally lost on how to design clothes for them since they were the younger versions, so I ended up taking bits and pieces from different vulcan costumes (the star trek costume book i got for christmas was a massive help with this) but once I had the figures done the background was a mystery to me. I ended up going with something warm and abstract as a sort of metaphor for the “fires of love” or whatever and the mixing of two different people. I’m glad I got it done though, I was stuck on it for literal months lol

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Trek Tarot - Wheel of Fortune by Arnumdrusk
Trek Tarot - Wheel of Fortune
I’m gonna go ahead and call this one done, the station has so many details I have to make myself stop fiddling with it or I’ll be at it for the next 10 years lol.

So the Wheel of Fortune card typically represents some sort of a change, usually a good one when facing up and a bad one when facing down. Deep Space Nine was like, the perfect embodiment of this card imo, because its at the center of a lot of changes in the alpha quadrant, it also represents a dramatic shift in the star trek canon (some would argue bad, but they’re wrong :P), also it’s a literal…wheel.. Designing the card was tricky, I opted for a dynamic angle of the station so I could incorporate the starships moving around it as well. The defiant representing a “good” change and the galor class cardassian ship representing a “bad” change, though to be quite honest I toyed with switching their placement a lot since the federation isn’t exactly full of saints, and it is a cardassian station after all. But I figured if the show was primarily about the Bajorans then there was no way the cardassians would represent a good change. Then I added the flamelike colored shapes to represent the spectrum and cyclical nature of the tides of change (also lowkey just because DS9  was gay AF lol).  

Anyway, had a lot of fun with this one, I don’t make art that isn’t figures that often so it was nice to stretch a different muscle for a change. 

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Trek Tarot - The Hermit by Arnumdrusk
Trek Tarot - The Hermit
I was working on the lovers card for a long time and I was really stuck on some of the design elements of it, so I decided to skip ahead and do a different card in the meantime. So here’s The Hermit! The hermit card typically represents introspection, meditation, Isolation and quiet reflection. I was stuck on who to put on this card for awhile. I knew I wanted a vulcan, as virtually any vulcan could fit the profile :P I ended up going with Tuvok because he isolates himself from his crew, moreso than other vulcans. He has lots of screentime dedicated to his private meditations, and if you think about it his character embodies a lot of the same properties of the Hermit card. Tuvok is a man regularly caught in a chaotic world with overwhelming circumstances, and he chooses to spend much of his free-time detoxing from all of the noise by isolating himself and meditating. Plus he’s got that cool lamp that ties in with the lantern on the traditional hermit card aaaayyy *finger guns* 

Anyway, I want to keep this project going, it’s hard for me to stay focused and get motivated but I have everything planned out I just gotta keep out it. And it would be nice to be able to say I started and finished a big project like this all on my own. 

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am...becoming.

You can find my Tumblr blog here: Possible commission info soon to follow ;)

Note: I am very grateful for all the views, comments, favourites, and watches I receive here. If I don't respond to your comment or thank you for your favourite, it's not because I don't appreciate it (perish the thought). I get bogged down with responsibilities and such just like everyone else. So thank you for your time and generous attention, it means a great deal to me :)

Current Residence: The Northern Hemisphere
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small probably
Favourite genre of music: A Thomas Newmany combination of orchestral and digital music
Wallpaper of choice: It changes a lot lol typically something vibrant, dark (color), or minimalistic
Favourite cartoon character: Baron Humbert von Gikkingen
Personal Quote: To be healthy you need at least three helpings of despair each day
Hey everyone,

I'm going to give this commissions thing a shot, so if you're still interested in having me make a character for you just let me know :) I made a Tumblr post about my commissions, here's a copy paste of that:

Commission Post! I’m hopping on to the commission train :) The rates may change in the future, I may add more options as well. I thought I’d test the waters with these two styles and see how it goes!

I offer two styles of art right now: Minimal and Line. A Basic minimal piece costs $5, a Color Blocking minimal piece costs $7, and a Lined piece costs $7 as well. Pretty easy to remember right? ;) If you’re interested in having a piece made for you please leave me a message here or on my personal blog, or my Deviantart account (links at the bottom). I can get the work done for you within a week, probably less, and once I have it done I will send you a message with my paypal information and we can finish the transaction. 

Hope that’s all clear! If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them for you. If you’d like to see more examples of my work you can look through my Deviantart gallery :) 

Art blog:

Personal blog:


I'd put the images coupled with the post up here in my journal but I don't actually know how to do that ^^;  You can see the specific post here:…

Thank you all, I hope you had a good holiday :)



Commissions: OPEN!




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